Hi-Tech Laminated Densified Wood

Ranprex® is a high density wooden laminate made according to Norm IEC 61061. For its production, specially selected veneers of red beech wood are used as well as thermosetting resins pressed under high temperature and pressure. At the beginning of the process, every single veneer undergoes metal inspection. After the pressing process the now homogeneous plate material is metal checked once again, so as to grant its integrity. Ranprex® is available in several standard plate sizes, as well as fully machined according to customer’s drawing.

Density g/cm30.9-1.11.2-1.30.7-0.90.9-1.11.2-1.3
Oil Absorbption %307302810
Continuous Working Temp. C105105105105105

Ranprex® features the following properties:

  • Low humidity level
  • High mechanical performance with respect to density
  • Easy drying process
  • High oil absorption
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • High dimensional stability
  • Negligible shrinkage

    Ranprex® is used worldwide by manufacturers of oil-immersed transformers. The constant technical research and continuous optimization of the production process always guarantee highest quality standards of the product.
Standard Plate Sizes in mm
1500 x 15002050 x 1100
1720 x 17202500 x 1200
2000 x 20002200 x 1200
3200 x 11002400 x 2000
3450 x 11002500 x 2000
Standard Thickness10 – 400mm