Total Transformer Condition Monitoring

Multi Gas Serveron® TM8 On-line Gas Chromatography Dissolved Gas Analyzer

Throughout electrical network infrastructure systems there are transformers that are vital to the reliability of the grid – GSU’s, large transmission transformers, and critical substation and industrial application transformers. The Serveron® TM8 offers the most comprehensive DGA assessment available for these mission critical transformers.

Serveron® TM1 Single Gas On-line Dissolved Gas Monitor

The Serveron® TM1 continuously monitors and reports hydrogen PPM Levels and can be programmed to alarm based on PPM Levels and/or Rate of Change (ROC), warning operators of potentially disruptive transformer faults and pending failures.

AKM OTIWTI™ or AKM345 Oil Thermometer

The AKM OTIWTI or AKM345 is a capillary based, mechanical, remote indicating thermometer. As one of the world’s leading thermometers, this product has configurations for oil temperature measurement and winding temperature simulation. Features up to 6 adjustable switches for alarm, trip, and cooling system functions and can be equipped with various electronic outputs for SCADA and remote monitoring applications.

XPRD Extra Large Pressure Relief Device

For over pressure protection on critical oil filled transformers, load tap changers, and other related electrical apparatus for maximum safety and environmental protection.

Qualitrol STB000 Main Tank and LTC Smart Transformer Dehydrating Breather

The Qualitrol STB series smart transformer dehydrating breather removes moisture from air entering oil-filled transformers or LTC conservators.
The breather is automated to regenerate the silica gel desiccant at a user selectable time interval, relative humidity (RH) or PPM thresholds.

Large Oil Level Indicator Qualitrol 032/042/045 & AKM 44712/34725 Series

For highly visable indication of oil or liquid level with switches (contacts) for control or alarm functions. Primarily used on oil filled transformers, load tap changers, conservator tanks and other related apparatus.

Rapid Pressure Rise Relays 900/910 & 930

For transformer and other electrical apparatus protection. Device sends an alarm when a dangerous sudden pressure rise condition has occurred. This alarm can be used to trip the transformer offline preventing further damage or purely as an indicator of an event.

Qualitrol 509 Direct Winding Transformer Monitor

For remote and local monitoring of all critical oil filled transformer parameters including cooling system control and load tap changer monitoring. Special model for real time comparison of calculated and direct winding temperatures.

Qualitrol 609 PDM Transformer and GIS Partial Discharge Monitor

The 609 PDM is used to continuously assess the performance of insulation in a power transformers so that corrective actions can be taken before any failure occurs. The information gained from the system is used for condition based maintenance decisions to optimize maintenance expenditure.