Total Turbine, Hydro-Generator & Motor Condition Monitoring

Iris Power ELCID Evolution

Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (EL CID) testing is accepted world-wide for reliable and safe detection of stator core inter-laminar insulation faults. The IRIS Power EL CID Evolution test can be equally applied to turbine generators, hydrogenerators, and large motors.

Magnetic Rotor Flux Monitors FluxTracII-R & FluxTracII-S

Continuous on-line rotor magnetic flux monitors that provide the user with real-time data on rotor winding shorted turns. The FluxTracII-R works with Motor and Turbine Generator whereas FluxTracII-S is suitable for Hydro-Generators.

Motors and Generators Partial Discharge Monitoring GaurdII+ & PDTracII

Iris Power GuardII+ is a continuous online monitoring of Partial Discharge, Rotor magnetic flux, Stator end-winding vibration and shaft voltage. Continuous Online Monitoring of Multiple Sensor Technologies

The PDTracII System provides continuous partial discharge measurement in motors, generators, switchgear, and dry type transformers using Iris Power Epoxy Mica Capacitor Couplers.

TGA-B – Partial Discharge Monitoring

The TGA-B is the leading portable instrument to monitor partial discharge in motors, turbine generators, switchgear, dry type transformers and isolated phase bus. Sophisticated monitoring and analysis system prevents false indications by digitally separating partial discharges from electrical noise, on a pulse-by-pulse basis. PDView software performs automatic assessment and displays alerts to when high partial discharge conditions are detected.

Stator Wedge Analyzer (SWA)

Offline Testing Instrument to Identify Loose Stator Winding Wedges. The SWA instrument allows maintenance personnel to easily and effectively assess the tightness of stator wedges.

Vibration Monitoring EVTracII

The EVTracII technology provides continuous online stator end-winding vibration monitoring. Iris Power supplies sensors and monitoring systems which directly measure the level and trend in vibration from the stator endwindings. The key feature is that the accelerometers are of the fiber optic type, and thus are impervious to the high magnetic and electric fields in the stator endwinding.

PDTech Dielectric Response Analyzer (DRA-3)

Offline Diagnosis of Insulation. The DRA-3 measures the charging and discharging currents of insulation (also called polarization and depolarization currents). Used for off-line insulation diagnosis for generators and motors and transformers. Allows the possibility to measure all three phases together to ground, each phase separately and between the phases.

Air Gap Monitoring AGTracII & Capacitive Air Gap Sensor

Air Gap variations occur in Hydro-Generators with the flexing or movement of the stator and rotor due to operating centrifugal forces, magnetic forces and thermal effects. Iris Power provides solutions for air gap monitoring in order to plan maintenance prior to reduced operating efficiency or damage from magnetically induced heating or rubbing between the rotor and stator.